Believing Is Only Half The Battle.


Jan. 9, 2016, Toronto, ON - Believe you can and you will get there. Have a vision, realize it and stick to it. See it, think it, be it.

One thing that these great inspirational quotes have in common is that they’re all missing that one most essential element that brings you out of your own head and into your body. Sure, we could all sit there, happily thinking away at our positive thoughts, but what would that really achieve? Believing is only half the battle; it’s the doing that’s going to get you there.

Without action, there is only visualization. Without doing, there is only thinking. Without becoming, there is only believing.

In our daily approach towards becoming better human beings, we often get too caught up on the quick and easy. The "half-the-battle" when trying to enact the "full-battle". Belief is a great thing. And without it, we are lost. But try sitting at home, only wishing that you could become a great painter, land that new job, or even travel the world with just your beliefs alone. You cannot. It is only your actions that will get you there.

Rather than be consumed, and ultimately fooled, by your own self-belief, begin to enact some self-action. Go out and do things. Doing brings you into the present moment; doing makes things real; doing actualizes what it is that we see with our mind's eye.

Humans are a very capable species with many gifts. They can not only travel in time, by use of their minds, but they can also affect the present moment, by use of their bodies. So, don't get caught up solely on one or the other, but develop a union between them both; the body and the mind - through the breath - by doing, acting, feeling and knowing. Only then will you begin to live the life that you want to lead.