Fear Vs. Love-based Decision Making.


Jan. 10, 2015, Toronto, ON - “You should do this, because...” And so, you do it.

Where has that decision come from? Has it come about from the consciousness of Love, or has it come about from the sensation of fear - a sensation set to stifle; an obstacle for the mind?

Many of us focus so highly on making decisions based out of fear and doubt, masquerading themselves as Love and true understanding, that our entire system of doing has come out of whack. Why does one choose to do the things that they choose to do? Has the decision been made out of bias? A pervading social norm? A desire for some semblance of love and acceptance? Stemming from a feeling of loneliness? Safety and security?

Ultimately, everyone wants to be accepted (to be loved), and everyone wants to do the right thing (what is true to them); yet, most of the time, being accepted and doing the right thing are at two opposing ends of the same spectrum. The path towards acceptance, and an illumination out of uncertainty, can lead one down two very different paths of action.

It is because we don’t know that we are afraid; thus, we go with the consensus - solely out of fear. What do other people want us to do? So, we choose to do what we think is right, not because we know it is, but because others believe it to be so.

Granted, the guidance gifted from another may be the right thing to do, exactly at the right time, but only you will know the difference. Through your silence; through the space that you have created; and through your cleared awakedness granting you the presence necessary to truly listen. By knowing the Self, we can come to know right from wrong. And by knowing the Self, we can learn to discern just where our decisions have come from: was it truly made out of Love and light - or has it come about because of an overwhelming and underlying sense of fear? Only you will know the difference.