The Nowness Of 'Play.'


Nov. 12, 2015, Toronto, ON - Six men were on a boat, crossing the ocean to make it over to the next island, feverishly in search of their next big horizon. Landing ashore, they quickly came to the realization that a newer horizon had opened up before them. So, venturing out once more, the six men got back onto the boat in search of their next big horizon. Astounded on their landing, they once again came to the realization that a newer horizon had opened up before them.

As seekers, we will oftentimes not even realize that by chasing the external, without first looking internal, we will completely miss out on the beauty that is right before us - driving our craving and search for more. Never stopping, never realizing, that in order to seek out what has already been sought, one must simply become awake.

By incessantly obsessing over our next new idea; our next big adventure; our next sacred truth; our next ponder on life; without ever truly understanding the Self, we will become overly fixated on our search. Everything that you seek is in the here and now. No matter how far you travel, no matter how much you seek, no matter how much you do, you will always be carrying with you the heaviness that is in your heart - lest you first release that heaviness by getting to know the Self.

Through realizing that it is our actions that matter; that it is the people in our lives that matter; that it is our connections that matter; that what we choose to do in our lives matters -- that we matter -- from a genuine state of knowing, all of our decisions will begin to manifest themselves less through the scope of escape and more through the acceptance of play. We are everything and everything is us.

Yet, in order to know the path, one must first walk it. -- "To put the book down, one must first pick the book up." 

So, keep on stoking your own internal fire. Keep on pushing the boundaries of what you know and what you think you know. Because sooner or later, you'll come to the realization that what you have been seeking has already been seeking you. Your own answers, your own revelations and your own realized truths. 

Everything from the genuine acceptance of play.