The 'Ultimate Cache' At The Vatican Museums In Vatican City.

Unquestionably, one of the most astounding exhibits one could ever hope to visit, the Vatican Museums in Vatican City host some of the most unique paraphernalia extending across three of the greatest nations during the height of the Roman Empire: Rome (obviously), Greece and Egypt.

This more-than-ostentatious collection, amassed by various Popes throughout the centuries, includes some of the most renowned classical sculptures and masterpieces from the Renaissance* in the world. The museum (really "museums", as it is a conglomerate of separate smaller museums, despite being contained within a single area) contains over 70,000 pieces of art; though, only 20,000 of those pieces are made available to the public.

Perhaps the most iconic piece of all, found within the Sistine Chapel, is "The Creation Of Adam" by Michelangelo*. Painted onto the ceiling of this 'no-photos-allowed' room, onlookers who have gained the privilege of being able to venture into this corridor will be surprised to note just how small the painting actually is in contrast to all of the other images that surround it in its mural. Truly "greatness from small beginnings," I guess...

It is ironic, however, that the religion which established that, "the meek shall inherit the earth" boats a museum that isn't so meek, after all; and a story of Jesus, "turning over table carts in God's house" now having vendors selling trinkets and memorabilia within its halls.

Though, I suppose one could chalk it up to the Vatican's Roman-capitalist influence and conqueror-mentality. Conceivably, the true lesson here could be that (as most rappers giving "all-glory-to-God" have put it), "you gotta' get yours..." even if you say you a'int!

A true icon for the 'Hustler's Ambition'.