"The Greatest City, Ever!" New York City, New York, USA.

Officially taking the top spot as my favourite city of all time, beating out previous favourites Hong Kong and Singapore, New York City has a deep and rich history of infamy, culture and consumerism. Unlike my two past favourites (Hong Kong and Singapore), which first WOW’d me with their efficiency and technology, New York City has both of these, but also emanates a uniquely palpable style which the rest of the world only aspires to achieve.

Since my own personal meek beginnings as a budding creator, I have always looked up to such creative-icons as Casey Neistat, Joey L, Nigel Sylvester, Jay Z, 50 Cent, and have recently even gotten into the whole A$AP Mob movement. Funny enough, each of these creative individuals and entities have all come from New York!

Tourist attractions and historical landmarks aside, if you’re an aspiring creator and are looking to be inspired, yourself, I highly recommend checking out New York City.

*As an interesting side note: I used to always think that creators like the ones I had previously mentioned were simply outliers who inspired the masses to follow in their footsteps or buy into their trends; only to visit New York City and realize: no, everyone out there is a stand-out creative with their own unique and personal style—resulting in a city rife with eclectic cliques just waiting to be swept up by the mainstream media and fed to the rest of the world as “the next big thing”—when, in reality, their overnight success was actually a 10 year long journey. The takeaway? Just be you and the rest of the world will eventually catch up. In a world screaming out for you to be somebody, just be yourself.

-”party on, Wayne…”

Check out my New York City highlight video, HERE*.