Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica.

Exploring The Island Vibe Of Costa Rica's Puntarenas Province

One of the more low key places we've visited, this board-short wearing coastal province is 'Pura Vida'ing its spot at #1 on the Happy Planet Index for happiest places to live on earth.

**Backgrounder: The largest province in Costa Rica, this western most landmass encompasses the majority of the Pacific Ocean coastline. Posessing over 500,000 known species in the Costa Rican rainforest alone, Costa Rica is highly regarded as being one of the most favourable places to study medicine and biology. With no standing army, a national slogan of 'Pura Vida' (Pure Life), a life expectancy of over 80 and scoring the highest on the Happy Planet Index, Costa Rica is arguably one of the best known places to live on earth. Granted, you may still have to overlook the teeming wildlife that surrounds you, if you aren't too fond of spending your time with nature. Tourism being the leading earner for foreign exchange, there is a strong Ego-Tourism and Yoga community for interested explorers looking to take in a bit of sun and 'spirituality'.**