Finding Epoch at Meteora, Greece.

Undeniably, the most stunning place to visit in all of Greece, if not the World, Meteora derives its name from the Greek word, meteor, meaning "lofty" or "elevated". Home to breathtaking sandstone structures, rivalling that of, but more magnificent than, Ha Long Bay* in Vietnam, this mystical countryside is also home to various Eastern Orthodox churches situated atop a series of these select formations.

Surprisingly enough, it was here that I learned about the Christian divide between the Roman Catholics and the Byzantine Church. A lot more accepting with regards to holding the space for other religious beliefs to flourish, juxtaposed to the Raman Catholic crusade-and-concur mindset, the Byzantine Church set its sight Eastward with regards to sharing its philosophies, while the Roman Catholics decidedly went West. 

One could reasonably conclude that this was the likely course of action that made the East so rife, even to this day, with various religions, while in the West is predominantly ruled by "The People of the Book". Regardless, what's done is done and this awe-inspiring countryside now stands are a testament to what once was, echoing how far a belief can push you to do great things. It is said that what made these monks and architects so fearless in their efforts to build these wondrous churches atop the sandstone formations was their unrelenting and unyeilding belief in "God".