Exploring 'Halong Bay On Land' In Tam Coc, Vietnam.

Colloquially known as 'Halong Bay On Land', Tam Coc, located in the countryside region of Vietnam, presents some of the most stunning visual landscapes, only accessible by ferryman.

Due to the a-typical structural composition witnessed in each mound's mountainous-like appearance (more vertical and smooth, opposed to sloping towards its peak), scientists have collectively maintained that this region of Vietnam must have was once been submerged underwater. It is from this submergence that these mounds receive their shape. Which is an interesting note, considering Palawan in the Visayan region of the Philippines similarly presents a limestone-formation countryside. Begging the questions: could that part of the Philippines have once been submerged underwater, as well? How is it that these locations rose up from the ocean? What cyclical effects with regards to climate change have continually taken place throughout history? Is climate change a natural occurrence, or a man-made one?

It is also in this region that one is able to explore the suburban countryside of Vietnam via bike tour. However, as a word of caution, it is always important to maintain a swift pace and keep up with your tour guide, as this is also the area in which I had found myself left behind after feverishly trying to snap more inspired photographs, ultimately losing the tour.......