Same Same In Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

One of the more interesting aspects of travelling between various developing Southeast Asian countries in rapid succession, while simultaneously checking out the numerous markets suggested by the Lonely Planet guidebook, is trying to figure out 'Who exactly is supplying all of these tourist shops?!

From Thailand, to Vietnam, to Cambodia, to Laos, one quickly comes to realize that they are staring at the exact same piece of merchandise, re-marketed for the country you are currently in. Same elephant tee, same yoga tank top, same spongey vegetable gag-gift; different country name, complete with different novelty font. With out a doubt, the t-shirt and trinket factory supplying each of these Southeast Asian countries is making a substantial killing; leaving us unsuspecting and wide-eyed tourists none the wiser as we make our way back home, obsessing over the new 'one-of-a-kind' souvenir we just got, only available in the country we were just in!