You Matter Less Than You Think And More Than You Know.


“O all-pervading Vishnu, I can no longer maintain my equilibrium. Seeing Your radiant colours fill the skies and beholding Your eyes and mouths, I am afraid.” -Arjuna, Bhagavad-Gita, Chapter 11.

Death, infinity and oneness are perhaps the most inspiring yet ominous things we can ever encounter in our lives. There are many times that we are faced with our own mortality, our own minuteness, our own un-individuality, and we shake at the realization that we are both unimportant, yet still important, all at the same time.

Life is an interesting mix of attaching to the things that we do like, and un-attaching to that which no longer serves. They say that time heals all things, but nothing heals everything quite like death, infinity and oneness.

If you’ve ever had a near-death experience, meditated, or travelled beyond the confines of your country borders to see beyond yourself, you will know the experience all too well.

Though fleeting, that truly is the trick. To see beyond yourself is one of the greatest cures to anguish that we so rarely enact because we are too caught up in what we, our selves, believe.

To see beyond yourself is to put aside your problems, your pride, your fear, and step into the realm of realization and understanding.

Maybe the problem that you’re so worked up about isn’t as big as it seems once you’ve stepped outside of yourself...
Maybe you’ll be more generous with your time, your money, your energy, if you saw that another person needed it more…
Maybe you’ll let go of what you were holding onto that was causing you much grief, all in the face of realizing it won’t actually matter in a thousand years…

There’s a reason why people constantly seek out the face of death; whether it be rock climbing, martial arts or meditation—making themselves out to be not thrill seekers, but truth seekers in the end.

To catch a glimpse of stepping outside of your self for just a moment is to realize, “hey, it’s all going to be OK!” and to understand that it’s time to go make the most of the moments that you have left.

-get busy living, because we’re all already dying.