We All Want To Eat, But Few Of Us Are Willing To Hunt.


Now, before you make any grand assumptions that I somehow think I’ve “made it,” understand that, like hunger, the hunt never really ends


The hardest thing most of us “would-be” entrepreneurs out there face (let’s face it, we’re all entrepreneur’ing something... even if to the level of our own personal brands, what with the power of social media nowadays) is to keep doing what we're doing despite not having any signs of immediate reward or gain. Now, that isn't to say, “never stop doing something if it isn't working," that’s only to suggest: if you like it, keep doing it insofar as you like doing it.

We can quickly become so bogged down by our own limited thinking and desire for instant gratification that we lose sight of the main message here: if you like it, keep doing it insofar as you like doing it. Sadly, in today’s capitalist-driven society, we have reconfigured this statement to be more results-oriented: if you see gains from it, keep doing it if not, move on to something newListen to anyone who’s made a living out of their “art” (it’s all art, after all... art is self-expression), and they will quickly tell you that they just kept following their passion and never stopped. They kept doing what they liked to do simply because they liked doing it…

The hustle doesn’t start when you’re making a killing, it starts long before that. The hustle doesn’t end because you’ve made a killing, it continues long after that.

Established brands are established because they have been doing (and keep doing) what they’ve been doing for so long. Nike, Reebok, Kevin Hart, Shoeless Joe’s, Kanye West, do you think they all started and “made it” after only 2 months, 2 years, 2 decades, of trying? In actuality, the hustle never stops. Look at some contemporary entrepreneurs from our time, pioneering in their respective fields: Joe Rogan, Casey Neistat, GhostRobo, Mighty Mouse, Elon Musk. Are they all still doing what they’ve been doing even though they’ve made millions already? Of course they are! Why? Because the hustle never stops — your interest does.

So, spend time hustling over what you love. Figure out what you’re truly interested in, enough to put your entire hustle into it! Because at the end of the day, the hustle only last as long as your interest does... and what will you have hustled your life away for, anyways? Toilet paper?

think about it.