Unleashing Your Kundalini.


Kundalini yoga is the practice of directing one’s life force energy, or prana, upward through the spine; ultimately resulting in the unification of Shiva and Shakti — creating a sense of totality within the body and endowing the practitioner with an unfathomable sense of presence, or bliss.

But what does that all really mean?

Sexual energy is the root driving force in all that we do. We are a species whose primary purpose is to procreate, or "expand". In fact, all things in the universe are set up for expansion. Take cells for example, a cell’s primary purpose is simply to multiply. As we are made up of cells, it can be reasonably concluded that even on a cellular level, we are instinctively hardwired for procreation. Because of this, we each seek out a sense of connection.

Things like “Peacocking” (making oneself stand out in a crowd) are primal, or baser instincts which increase the likelihood of our procreation. Why else would we buy that fancy new car, gold watch, or expensive suit, if not to gain the attention (and affection) of those around us?

Our instinct for procreation is so strong that we will even partake in acts of infidelity in order to sow our seeds further. Procreation is undeniably at the heart of our social narrative and the primary reason we work so hard for a living: start a family, grow old, then (hopefully) someday our kids can do the same... or is it?

What if we could somehow channel that same procreative energy in a way that allows us to use those same chemically and instinctively driven impulses for other means? To transmute that same driving-force, not to gain the attention and affection of those around us, but to find that same attention and affection in ourselves?

How many couples do you know feel unsettled with their lives, yet force themselves to believe that they are content, centring themselves on the nuclear family that they have created; forgoing their “calling” for the purposes of procreation? Pushing aside their Love for themselves in favour of finding that Love through another? To find Love for yourself and to find Love through another both result in the same actualization of Love, but each takes a very different path. To begin to unlock one’s Kundalini is to realize the energy that governs us and to wield it how we wish in order to manifest appropriately what we truly desire for our lives.

Think of a mother whose baby is stuck underneath a car. She will channel her procreative energies, her reciprocal Love, in order to do what is necessary to lift that car.

Now think about a singer who forgets to eat for three days because they are so enamoured with their craft while recording in the studio; channelling that same procreative energy, that reciprocal Love, in order to persist past their sensations of hunger.

In both cases, the wielder of their Kundalini has not thought, but done; acting solely out of the call of what they believed to be necessary. They are blissful (not thinking) and in a total state of presence within that moment. Their Shiva (procreative energy) and Shakti (awakened energy) have become one.

So, what does this teach us about our lives? That we all seek for Love; the byproduct of procreation, or just "creation". When we do not possess a means to channel our instinctive creative energies, we will be at an imbalance; typically displaying maladaptive behaviour. How many people do you know that lack Love feel a bit “off” to you? When you are not cared for, or do not care enough for yourself, something just "feels" wrong.

The key is to become aware of the energy that governs us and to channel it appropriately through our behaviour by doing what we Love to do, or (in lesser cases) finding that Love in someone or something else. Both are realizations of the same experience, but one is dependent on an external reality.

Thus, we must ask ourselves: Do I want to find Love for myself, or do I want that Love to come from someone or something that can so easily take it away?

-find what you like to do, that will lead you to what you Love to do, then do that!