The Most Effective Cage Of All.


"The greatest blight (and blessing) to conscious is mind."~

Take a baby elephant, chain it so that it cannot escape; let it get to know the circumference of its captivity as it grows older. When it attains a level of maturity where the chain can no longer hold it, remove the chain; only to have that once baby elephant nill attempt to escape the parameters of what has already come to know — this is mental captivity.

Take a child, tell them their entire childhood that they will never amount to anything. What do you think the chances are of that child ‘believing in themselves enough to take control of their own life’ is going to be?

Unquestionably, the greatest boon and the greatest folly to consciousness (and, in effect, our lives) is 'what we believe'. Thus, 'the mindset of our mind' is everything!

What we think, we believe; what we believe, we enact; what we enact, we become. So, watch your thoughts and their ways with care, and let them be filled with 'right action', 'right speech' and an 'indomitable self belief'.

The gateway before any human interaction is mind. It determines both the obstacle and the advantage sitting in the way of itself. Mind is the door, mindset is the hinge; we must move through both in order to engage with life, waiting for us on the other side.

—just be sure that the one you have to pass through hasn’t become all rusted and old...