...Never Enough.


“I want to start a new business… but I just don’t have the time.”
“I want to go on more runs… but I’m just so tired after work.”
“I want to go on a new trip… but I just don’t have the money.”

It seems as though, amidst our drudging day-to-day grind to-and-from school or work, we find that our desire often supersedes the resources available to us; and thus, we lull ourselves into believing that we "just don’t have enough."

“There’s never enough time…”
“…never enough energy.”
“…never enough money.”

When in reality, we have exactly enough of the resources available for what truly matters to us.

The problem is, we have a hard time admitting to ourselves what it is that we really do want. Do you want more time playing video games? Do you want more energy to watch your favourite show? Do you want more money to go drinking on a Friday night? These might actually be your true desires!

We all want things, we just have a hard time admitting to ourselves what those things actually are. Perhaps it’s not the new business, more exercise, or an exciting trip — perhaps it’s being comfortable and getting by on what you only believe will one day come to pass; only to realize later that the opportunity has already passed you by…

They say that the first step in any 12-Step recover program is admitting to yourself that you have a problem. That isn’t to say that any of your chosen actions is a problem, it’s only to enlighten you to the idea that the majority of your duress regarding future endeavours could have been avoided by facing your desires head-on and admitting to yourself what it is that you actually do want.

—and then asking yourself again, “Do I really want that?”