My Life, A Video Game: Character Creation.


We are but fractals emanating out of the big bang; where our every decision creates a legacy of memories that others will harbour and hold for us when we’re gone.

When they say that no one ever really leaves us, this is both true and untrue. Though the physical form of them may be gone, the essence of who they were still lives on in what we say, think, or do with the memories of them firmly planted in our minds.

Life is a fascinating instrument of interpretation and expression. All life, really, is just a story that we tell ourselves. Without the story, there can be no you, no I, no another; simply the witnessing of some being. But it is the stories that make life really worth living. No story, no mind—and yet, that is half of the whole to truly living. Crafting out and creating your story that you believe to be worth living is the most enjoyable part of why we are here.

If Life were a movie (or play; Leela, as the ancient yogis would call it) or some elaborate video game (something I’ve come to realize, which most other millennials my age seem to also be attributing it to now because video games are the latest immersive experience in our culture), which character would you want to play? We are each given an unlimited series of choices at our disposal, with most of us forgetting that each choice has a consequence. Whether it be a tangible one (as in, something that affects physical change within our plane of existence) or an intangible one (a memory left for someone else to fondly—or not so fondly—hold), something will always be created out of something else. This is the fractal. 

So, who do you want to be? What do you want to create? What will you leave others to remember you by?

Presenting Life in the terms and rulesets of a video game, I would say that we have been placed in this world for a set time limit that we are unaware of, but often ignore or guess the length of. We play each consecutive round in 24-hour increments, replenishing our stamina as we eat, sleep and rest. We are each placed at the beginning level set to varying difficulties—did you start off poor (Hard mode) or did you start off with a silver spoon in your mouth (Easy mode)?

We are each made to play within the rules that we are given, all within our own independent classes and family structures; required to create a mission for ourselves, find allies, defeat foes, and ultimately realize and fulfill that same mission by the end.

Life (not, if Life) is one long and elaborate, highly immersive video game; so, who do you choose to be and why?

-game on.