Marketing = Mentalism.


What does it mean to be a marketer?

In truth, being a marketer is much like being a mentalist*; utilizing psychology and physiology exploits to sell a narrative. What we fail to think about is that marketing, at its core, is merely storytelling. Can you accurately and effectively get your point across to the intended audience and have them see the world the same way you do?

Much like mentalism, marketing requires being able to read your audience and steer them down an intended path using cues, roadblocks or even outright commands. Why did you buy your last pair of jeans? Your last can of pop? Your last slice of pizza? Your new bracelet? Your new shirt? Your latest vacation? Your new TV?

There was an impetus. An intended cue or trigger that led you down a path towards performing what was intended, and ultimately, desired. Whether it worked or not is entirely up to the skill and knowledge of that marketer. 

Marketing is about storytelling. It’s about shaping behaviour through a given story, a chosen narrative, and getting the audience to act accordingly. That being said, and now that you know how it all works, how many times have you not, then, marketed to yourself?

"I am not good enough."
"I can do it!"
"I saw this in a movie once…"
"I’m sure I’ll like this!"

All self-derived cues to help shape a story and, thus, an intended behaviour set out by the primary marketer in your life: you.

So, what stories are you telling yourself? What stories are you allowing to be told to you? How many of those stories are even "real"?

At the end of the day, marketing is just a suggestion, it’s a subtle persuasion, it’s an act of mentalism using mind to battle mind. But the question still remains; who, then, is in the lead? You, or the marketer?

-play wisely.