God Is The Mind.


“In the beginning, there was the word.”
“…and then God said…”
“The moment god created man, man created god.”
“If you can describe Tao, it is not the true Tao.”
“God is the complete and total unknowing.”

The moment you have articulated something, you have imagined it, you have created it in your mind.

One of the greatest exercises of awareness I have ever come across comes from Osho in his aptly titled book, “Awareness”.

Stare at a flower. Now, without verbalizing what the flower is (either aloud or in your mind), just observe it. You see, what happens is, the second you articulate what the flower is (be it beautiful, magnificent, wondrous or even a flower, itself), you have qualified it—you have imparted a subjective bias via your own personal perspective. By simply observing, not verbalizing what it is that you are observing, simply watching through your sheer presence, you are no longer thinking, you are being; you have come upon the state of no-mind (satori or zen).

What, then, can be said about our supposed lives? What is an event, a scenario, a moment, but a thing filtered through the subjective bias of our own mind?

So, what then is God? You tell me…

-just see.