Concepts vs. Techniques: Persistence Academy's Self-Defence System Explained.


"A concept is an abstract idea which is expansive enough, so as to be able to be applied to a variety of different situations and scenarios, not solely constrained to the situation or scenario at hand."

"A technique is a way of carrying out a specific task, applicable only to the situation or scenario required of it."

In order to further dissect the subtle difference between these two distinct ideologies, mathematics will be applied as an allegorical representation to facilitate understanding. —Note: mathematics provides a uniquely unbiased approach to solving situations and problems.

If we allegorically represent each distinct self-defence situation as a mathematical equation, we can present each situation or scenario as such:


In each of these instances, one must come up with a viable solution so as to not only survive, but escape in efficient a manner as possible for receiving the least amount of harm.

The problem with most martial arts systems today (save for the system founded and popularized by Bruce Lee, Jeet Kune Do*) is that these systems intend to solve a unique problem without deviating outside of their representative equation.

"If your wrist is grabbed, you…"
"When you get punched, you…"
"If you're surrounded, you..."

Unfortunately, these prescribed solutions do not always work, when:

"They're using both hands..."
"They're kicking right after they punch..."
"There's no option to run..."

Essentially, systems like this only present students with the final answer, without ever teaching them how to get there themselves;


disallowing any students to deviate from the intended scenario, for fear that they may change the equation — thereby rendering their teacher's answer: incorrect.



What we aim to do at Persistence Academy is teach our students a series of concepts to solve their own equations, versus simply rote learning individualized techniques for a specific crisis.

Metaphorically speaking, we aim to provide the Operations* and BEDMAS* for self-defence, affording those (young, weak, old, and strong) the ability to figure out their own approach toward a situation; relying less on pre-programmed techniques, and more on a holistic comprehension of the methods in which to solve their own problems, their own ways, right for themselves.

The trouble with real-world situations is that, no matter what your level of training, no matter what you think or believe, you can never account for everything that may come your way; you can only adapt, give the information that you have been provided.

As such, by teaching students the skills for adaptation, we hope to impart a true sense of self-defence, courage, confidence, and an overall understanding in all that we teach!

"You can give someone a fish and feed them for a day; or, you can teach them how to fish and they will be set for a lifetime."