24-Hours And Counting.


“Death By Fear Of Living Life is the worst way to go.”—

What if I told you that tomorrow you were going to die and that you only had 24-hours left to make the most out of your time here on earth? Would you suddenly uproot everything, put aside all of the things that were holding you back, and become a more motivated and empowered person to accomplish what it is that you wanted to in life?

Why is it that, when faced with our own mortality, we are suddenly filled with the courage to actually change our situation?

Contemporary western society has it so that we are completely sheltered from the reality of life’s one-most-insurmountable-truth, leaving it up to the fantasy of movies and video games to teach us a disassociated understanding of “you are going to die.”

Now, that isn’t to say that (once you've learned this truth) you should go out and galavant away your entire life's savings. It is only to suggest that it is probably best to think about life a little more finitely. If you only had 24-hours left to live and $1,000 in your bank account, could you really go so far as travelling the entire world because it was your dream to do so? No, you have to allocate your resources accordingly.

We are each only able to work within the confines of the reality that we are given. Thankfully, if you are not dying tomorrow, you still have time to get there. So long as you make sure that “next time” doesn’t mean “never,” you’ll get there eventually.

Life, ultimately, is a profound experience that is meant to be appreciated for as long as it lasts; if only for the simple reason that it never lasts.

By holding yourself back for “next time,” knowing full well that "next time" really means “never,” you are heading down perhaps the worst possible way to go of all… Worse than by firing squad, by drowning, or by being hanged.

So, how is it that you want to go? Death by fear of living life — or death by living it?

-you decide...