The Train Of Life.


Life is a lot like waking up on a moving train with amnesia...

You look around, not entirely sure of who, what, or where you are; but you are greeted by friendly faces reassuring you that everything is alright. The people you have woken up next to and are surrounded by have been here for much longer, and are excited in telling you that they are here to look after you.

Time passes, and you begin to grow more comfortable with your surroundings. You learn the language of the car, presume that everyone in it knows what’s going on, and even begin to make friends with other passengers along the way. All the while, the train keeps on moving forward.

There eventually comes a point where the ones you have woken up next to tell you that it’s time for you to come help them maintain the car. So, you first make an effort to learn, then you begin to work away at fixing and adding to the car. For those of you who are exceptionally lucky, you get to visit the other cars and maybe even find a new home in one of them. Again, you grow in your comfort on the train, and all the while, the train keeps on moving forward.

At certain intervals during the ride, you notice a conductor who comes into the car and ushers individuals from the train. Some are reluctant to go, and some are ready to leave. Now filled with curiosity, you ask around at those who have been there for before you, “What’s going on? Why do passengers get off?” You are told that, for them, it was their stop and that one day we all must leave the train; that each of us has a ticket to somewhere we must go. Stunned, you frantically ask “When do I get off?! When is it my time to go?!” they tell you that no one really knows, and that they have all forgotten, but it is the conductor’s job to make sure you get there on time. Though, some eager passengers who wish to get off early can also leave before it's their time — but most other passengers see this as a waste, as the train is all they've ever known. What a strange thing, you think to yourself, to leave this train when the train is all you've ever known as well... All the while, the train keeps on moving forward.

One day, while making your way through the various other cars, you notice that other passengers have carved their names into the seats, into the stalls, and even gone so far as to hang up signs. How odd it is, you wonder, that someone would ever want so badly to be remembered for being on the same train that you have all been on they are willing to deface it... All the while, the train keeps on moving forward.

Slowly, slowly, time continues to pass and you begin to build a life for yourself on the train. You come to believe that the train is all there is; that the train is all there could ever be. Then, one day, the conductor enters. He has come for you. Reluctant to go, you grab hold of your seat, refusing to let go. More passengers have appeared, and though the others you once knew have already left, how could you go now?! The train is all there is! The train is all you can remember!

Reassuringly, the conductor tells you that it’s alright, that one day everyone must leave the train. One cannot ride the train forever, and it is his job to bring you to where you need to go. The train is a vehicle and nothing more. And so, with a trusting heart, you make your way off the train — only to realize the greater majesty just beyond it! You have arrived! You are here! And though you are unsure of where you've came from, you are fascinated by the new adventure that awaits you.

This story of waking up on a train is a lot like waking up to life. We are all on a train. However, the train is not the beginning, nor is it the end. We can try to hold onto our seat for as long as we can; we can try to mark it up; but ultimately, the train is not ours to own. We are passengers and nothing more.

So, enjoy the journey; enjoy the artwork; enjoy the fun; enjoy the ride; but always remember that nothing is yours and that you can take none of it with you. It is only ever just a train. What awaits you where you get off is your next journey. And that, in itself, is another wonderfully magical experience.