To Do Is To Know.


"The world is round."
"Western civilization is the best civilization."
"Exercise makes you happier."
"Meditation can bring clarity to your life."
"A brick can easily be broken when you tune into its vibration."
"People are much happier when the grass is greener."
"Your world is completely and totally all figured out."

Dec. 21, 2015, Ottawa, ON - A lot of what we consider reality is often times just possibility in disguise. It isn’t until we have experienced it directly for ourselves that we can actually move from the concept into definitive reality - some realized truth that can be experienced, examined, is tangible and relatable. It's also why living outside of your comfort zone is so important.

To know more is to discern your own fact from plausible fiction - until all there is left to do is to accept.

What most individuals parade around as fact, nowadays, is often revealed to be fiction masquerading as an accepted reality within their own subjective human experience; an idea or concept never fully finding its way into a true understanding of what is real. How much has one actually experienced about what they are talking about? How much does one actually practice about what they have decided to preach? How much wisdom does one actually have to accompany their own knowledge of the experience? How much of that subjective reality is even considered to be real to you?

Life isn't about sitting back and having the world presented to you on a shiny, silver platter; it's about discerning your own manifested reality for your self. Exploration, in this case, is necessary. We need to make mistakes. In life, to do is to learn. Life is about intrigue; it’s about mystery; it’s about discovering and realizing for yourself through your own sense of creativity. Life is about change. So, how can we expect our own path to be pleasantly laid out before us? We cannot. We must learn to forge it for ourselves - where anything is possible, but it is up to us to make it real.

Every amazing feat that has come about has come from people who didn’t just simply think that they could, they knew that they could by doing it; liberating themselves from the possible and realizing the true nature of their own reality. Anything is possible, but it's up to us to make it real. Everything, waiting to be actualized. If every action remained merely an idea, a plan, or an “I could do that, but I wont,” then all life would be left with would be empty words - neither true nor false - devoid of any real clarity or conviction. We wouldn't have any semblance of what we have today. Thus, in order to know, we must first do.

So, venture forth and discover your own sense of 'Why?' 'For what purpose?' and 'I can.'

To venture forth is not only to discover, but is to grow the world that you're in; transforming it from the what you think, into the what you know - all from a realized state of doing.