Newton Mixed Martial Arts.

I’ve been to many different gyms and practiced many different styles over the years, and I can safely say that (in my experience) quality is an attribute that is hard to come by. Up until now, I have only had four primary teachers who have displayed a true sense of quality in their approach and dedication to their art: Michael Sarenland—who taught me the meaning of the indomitable spirit and never giving up; Salvador Caruncho—who taught me the value of feeling as opposed to thinking; Jose “Pempe” Repiedad—who ingrained in me a sense of practicality and the idea that we should not fear the one who has practiced a thousand kicks one time, but someone who has practiced a single kick a thousand times; and now, Carlos “The Ronin” Newton—who holds the door for effectiveness above all else, and continues to show me how to take a punch with a smile…

Being the first Canadian UFC World Champion and Pride MMA Japan Legend, Carlos’ experience, determination and approach to teaching all demonstrate an unrelenting contempt for “sugar coating the real”. Despite having lost the world title in a controversial decision, then decisively losing it again in a rematch; the true spirit and essence of “the way” is maintained in both his practice and prescription of the martial arts being a conduit, or gateway, to what’s inside.

If you’re in the Pickering Area (east of Toronto) definitely try and stop by for some world-class instruction—and maybe a lump or two… just don’t forget your mouth piece!