Country Hopping Through Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

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Founded in 2008, Airbnb is now one of the best online marketplaces, offering the ability to connect future tenant and host; thereby allowing for an under-utilized living space to be turned into a reasonably priced place to crash (for one), and a lucrative property investment (for the other).

No doubt, while jumping around Asia and various other developing countries in rapid succession, you will want to feel safe; especially with regards to the place that you are staying. The problem is, traditionally, you would have to trade one positive attribute for another — cheaper place, less safe area; expensive place, more secure location. Fortunately, through the innovation of the Airbnb platform, you are now able to access not only a reasonably priced place to stay, but a safe, cleanly, (and in our case) stunning, living quarters for the duration of your trip.

The way it works is you start off by creating your own public profile. From there, you simply enter in the location to the search engine above for the place you are planning to visit. Instantly, you are presented with a myriad of potential places to stay as close to where you had specified on the map. The best part about it is that, through the site's broad connectivity, you are now able to access places that most other hotels are either (1) unable to be located, or (2) too expensive in relation. The way Airbnb does this is by cutting out the middleman and dealing directly with individuals and residences.

Rest assured, however, that you won't be walking straight into a dump (that is, of course, if you make sure to read all the user reviews beforehand). That being said, if you're an adventurous young explorer looking for a safe place to stay, all while keeping costs under budget, Airbnb is certainly the way to go! Sure, there are other cheaper (or even free) alternatives out there offering a similar style of service; but really, how often are they going to compare in terms of safety and convenience, let alone offer up this kind of potential view?