The Stories We Sell Ourselves.


Throw a rock through a window. Plant a tree in the forest. Forget your homework at home. Stub your toe on your way out the door. 

What do these things all mean? In a universe filled with events and seemingly random occurrences, we are left wondering what to make of everything that we see around us. Whether it be good or bad, or something in between, we are always inching toward an explanation for every action or event.

Throw a rock through a window—that’s bad.
Plant a tree in the forest—that’s good.
Forget your homework at home—that’s bad.
Stub your toe on your way out the door—god hates you.

We attribute our own meaning to events in order to provide ourselves with context, rationale and evidence to the happenings moving all around us. Yet, what results when we take away the story entirely? What do each of these seemingly separate instances have in common? Their non-separation. In a universe filled with events, compounded by other events, compounded by other events, we are just a moving set of atoms and energies easily traceable back to one singular origin; the big bang. It is only the mind, our sense of self, which differentiates this from that.

What you believe is what you believe in order to make up the narrative of your chosen reality. But it’s all just narratives.

There is no good or bad.
There is no short or long.
There is no crooked or straight.

There is only the movement of atoms and energies we represent in a way that makes sense to our minds. There is only non-separation divvied up by a mind that rationalizes through apparent-separation.

Time, space, atoms and energies are all in flux; always moving, never still. Yet, to only appear still from afar.

So, my question then becomes: why do we only care about the one sperm that became a human and not the other million that died along the way?

Because we were sold to.

-start seeing through silence.