The Mind Is A Muscle, Too.


Jan. 26, 2016, Toronto, ON - The mind, like any other major muscle, needs exercise. It needs to be stimulated, it needs to be worked, it needs to be expanded. And yet, unlike any other muscle in our physical human body (for the mind exists beyond the energetic and the physical), the mind will trick us into believing that we are it.

Watch the mind, observe the mind, realize the inner workings of its agitation. Come to realize that you are not your thoughts, nor your mind, but the watcher that watches silently behind each.

Think of your bicep. You can tell your bicep to flex and it will obey. Now think of if your bicep could scream back at you, telling you “I will now move on my own, regardless of what you want!” How ridiculous would that situation be? In our absence of looking inward, we have come to forget that we are not our mind, the controller of both our energetic and physical bodies, but the observer behind the mind; the one which discerns right from wrong - inaction from action.

So, feed the mind; stimulate the mind; expand the mind; grow the mind. Just remember, you are not just your mind. Your mind is but a single part of you.